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Splice Connector for 1 3/8" Rods~Each   

Splice Connector for 1 3/8" Rods~Each

Sold (as/by): Each
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Price: $13.00

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Category Information » Geometry Modern Hardware 1" & 1 3/8" Curtain Rods

The Finial Company offers Classic geometric forms representing modern interpretations of circles, squares, and triangles.  More importantly are the components as well as finishes implemented into this entire Solid Geometry collection.   Components like the elbow joint are a problem solver for those bay and corner windows giving you exacting angles without a bulky look.  The splice connector, which is interior fitting, allows you to create longer spans by joining shorter curtain rod lengths. Then there is the much sought after Acrylic curtain rods available in 6 foot and 8 foot lengths. Last but not least are the ever popular contemporary finishes offered which include Black, Brushed Nickel, and Gunmetal. 

Return Policy: Returnable with a 30% restocking fee with the exception of custom cut curtain rods.

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