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Contract Track System~Hand Drawn   

Contract Track System~Hand Drawn
SKU : CS510

• Heavy duty hand drawn system for medium and heavy draperies.
• Bendable; it can be curved and reversed curved using a 20 cm radius or continuous curved.
• Heavy duty klickable carriers - 5 carriers on a breakaway strip - UV protected.
• Track finish: chromated powder coated with a factory applied patented dry lubricant.
The track can be bent and reverse bent using a 20 cm radius. Continuous curving is also available by special order from factory only.
****Rods over 104” must be spliced in order to avoid additional significant freight charges and Rods over 16' cannot be spliced and will incur additional significant freight charges****

Sold (as/by): Rod Set
Availability: Ships within 10 business days

Price: $83.48

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Category Information » Bendable/Flexable Track Sets, Standard Hand Drawn Tracks, & Cord Drawn Traverse Rods

Bendable/Flexible Rods:  These bendable heavy duty low profile tracks have a design detail that gives rigidity and strength with great flexibility in any layout.  Bendable tracks can be bent from 180 degress up to a 360 degree circle.  No template is required and can be bent on site into or around a bay window. 
Return Policy:  Non Returnable

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