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Klick System Track~Hand Drawn   

Klick System Track~Hand Drawn
SKU : KS101

• Highly efficient hand drawn system for all types of light to medium weight draperies. Will handle 3 lbs. per foot.
• Quick installation with “Smart Klick” brackets for wall and ceiling applications.
• Suitable for special window decoration as circuler, arch and triangle window models.
• Heavy duty klickable carriers - UV protected - for smooth and easy traversing.
• Track finish: chromated powder coated with a factory applied patented dry lubricant.
The track can be bent and reverse bent using a 10 cm radius. Continuous curving can easily been done using the continuous curver. This system also allows the possibility of curving for special windows, such as arches, bows and circles.
****Rods over 104” and up to 204" must be spliced in order to avoid additional significant freight charges. Anything beyond 204" cannot be spliced and will incur additional significant freight charges.****

Sold (as/by): Sold as Set
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Price: $75.69

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Category Information » Bendable/Flexable Track Sets, Standard Hand Drawn Tracks, & Cord Drawn Traverse Rods

Bendable/Flexible Rods:  These bendable heavy duty low profile tracks have a design detail that gives rigidity and strength with great flexibility in any layout.  Bendable tracks can be bent from 180 degress up to a 360 degree circle.  No template is required and can be bent on site into or around a bay window. 
Return Policy:  Non Returnable

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