What is a C ring?

It is a Ring with a notch taken out of it which allows you to travel over the Bracket. We  offer a large variety of C-rings

What is a Sconce?

A drapery sconce is a piece of hardware which is mounted flat on the wall like a bracket and accepts through it a pole or fabric The Curtain Rod Shop has a variety of sconces to suit your room and wall settings:        

Diameter of the corner elbow bracket?

I am trying to order the Iron Art rod with the corner elbow bracket…if the rod is 3/4″ what should the diameter of the corner elbow bracket, 2 wall brackets, and finials be?  Thank!  Also, I assumed with a 3/4″ inch rod that I would need 1 1/4 inch rings…was that correct? If you are … [Read more…]

How can I cover 142” Space for Hanging Rods.

You can join two smaller rods to create a longer length. You will need: Two 8 feet rods which can be cut down to the size you need. A splice which allows you to join the Two rods back together again The center support bracket will conceal and support the seam. It can be done with a hack-saw Or … [Read more…]

What is a ‘Drapery Wooden Connector’ used for?

A wooden connector is a wood dowel screw which allows you to join two smaller rods together. It is often used with a center support bracket which conceals the seam.   Dowel Screw Connector Drapery Center Support Bracket