10′ long Wooden Rod 3″ thick

I’m looking for 3 inch thick & 10 feet wide wood curtain rod

You could look up Curtain Rods by Diameter or you could explore any one of the following options, these are all 3″ dia hardware and you may find appropriate length once in a particular section.

Creative Designs 3″ Rod Diameter

3″ Decorative Traverse Rods

The Finial Company 3-Inch Carved Wood Collection

The Finial Company 3″ Rod Diameter

Iron Art & Outdoor Hardware

LJB Wood Collection


Minimum clearance between Rings and Rod

I need 2 1/2″ inside diameter curtain rings with a clip.  They all seem to come in 2 1/4″ diameters.  Does a 1/4″ make much difference?  My rod diameter is 1 3/4″ and the man who is installing the rod told me I need 2 1/2″ rings.  I also need them with clips. The rod is metal and its of a bronzy color called “Earth”.

2 1/4″ inside diameter is perfectly fine because industry standard is that the ring should be 1/2″ larger inside than the rod or pole. You could check our Renaissance Collection it that has some bronze finishes, you can view the finishes at the top of the page, the link is yellow and the inside diameter is 2″. You could also try lookin in our Villiers Collection look at the 2″ ring on the second page. If you think you can use metal rings then you could try the Iron Art Collection or SKU: 355 in particular.