Finials sold as each or sold as a pair?

I was going through Finials in your Iron Art Collection, it does not say whether it is sold as a pair or one. Can you tell me if your brackets and finials are sold by the pair (2) or each (1)?  As well as the curtain rings, are they sold by a pack, if so, how many are in a pack, OR are they sold by each (1) ring? This is the Finial i’m interested in.


Iron Art Finial SKU:413I

On the product page there is the “Sold By” attribute which’ll tell you about that, it varies from product to product. This particular product is sold by Each as can be seen above the Availability attribute.

LJB iron Fairmont finials

What size curtain rod will the LJB iron Fairmont finial accomodate? Are these finials adjustable with screws to tighten onto/over end of rod (not the screw-in type)?

LJB iron Fairmont finials come in three different sizes, they have a collar that slips over the end of the rod and can be tightened with a set screw.

Rod size appropriate for SKU:TUSF

I am looking at the finials SKU:TUSF. Can you tell me what size poles go with these?


Ans: that is for a 2 1/4″ pole.  The actual hole at the end of the rod is very small(about 3/8″), so that it can accept the screw that comes out of the bottom of the finial. There is not tapering on the rod.

Finial and Rod color option samples

 I am looking at  finials(2 1/4″) and rods(2 1/4″). I am a little perplexed by the various color options. Can you please tell me where I can see a sample of each of the options?

Atelier II, Creative Designs, Decorative Traverse Rods, Finesse, Finial Company, Heritage, Highland Timber, LJB Wood, Regal Reflections, Reniassance, Somerset all these have 2 1/4″ stuff. You can try curtain rods by diameter. You could also look at Creative Design Finishes.

Creative Design 9″ long Finials

We are in the Creative Designs group and are searching for a finial that is 9″ in length.  It appears that the longest finial available in this group is 6″.  Is there another product line that offers the 9″ in length?

There are some  in the Classic Collection.

Georgian Finial