Brackets for 20 feet “Ambition” 1-3/8 Rod and Bay Window Configuration explained

It shall require 4 brackets.

Customer: Does it make a difference that this hardware is expected to be on a bay window with 3 walls  - 135 angle (not a radius)?

Operator: That’s going to require an elbow, one bracket on each side and 2 elbows

Customer: Expected length of each side is: 62″,  114″, amd 62 “

Operator: If the drapes are heavy or even relatively heavy then  7 brackets in total and 2 elbows shall you require..

Extendable Bracket

What is a C ring?

It is a Ring with a notch taken out of it which allows you to travel over the Bracket.

We  offer a large variety of C-rings

Steel Bypass Traverse C-Ring

What is a Sconce?

A drapery sconce is a piece of hardware which is mounted flat on the wall like a bracket and accepts through it a pole or fabric

The Curtain Rod Shop has a variety of sconces to suit your room and wall settings:



Ivory Crackle Sconce



How can I cover 142” Space for Hanging Rods.

You can join two smaller rods to create a longer length. You will need:

  1. Two 8 feet rods which can be cut down to the size you need.
  2. A splice which allows you to join the Two rods back together again
  3. The center support bracket will conceal and support the seam.

It can be done with a hack-saw Or chop-saw.