Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows are highly desirable for most homeowners because they open up any room and add a gorgeous focal point. However, when it comes time to decorate these windows, the joy can quickly fade to frustration. This is because the windows need to be treated as a continuation, which can pose a challenge when finding the proper hardware. However, there are ways to simplify the installation of bay window treatments when you take the time to purchase the proper curtain rod hardware for the job.

The challenge with bay windows often comes in finding the proper hardware to hang your curtains to create a seamless appearance of not multiple windows, but one continuous window. When it comes to installing your Bay Window Treatment, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary hardware including curtain rods and swivel elbows which should be connected at angled vertices. Typically for a 3-Section Bay Window, it should be angled at 145 degrees. This formation allows for a continuous curved drapery rod which will allow for a variety of slim line curtains that will hang on the same pole. Your bracket requirement will vary depending on your bay window setup as well as the length and diameter of your curtain rods. By keeping these tips in mind and taking it step by step you can seamlessly dress up your bay window perfectly.

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Update Your Home with Modern Curtain Rods and Curtain Rod Hardware

While many individuals want to modernize their home, many aren’t quite sure where to begin. However, while some may believe that they must make drastic changes in order to make a significant difference, this isn’t always the case. In fact, by just updating your window treatments, you can bring a tired room to life once again.

Small Changes Make Large Effects

By utilizing modern curtain rods and curtain rod hardware you set the stage for curtains and other pieces to fall into place.

  • Curtain Rods – While some may choose to minimize the appearance of their curtain rods, others realize just how much style they can add to a room. With a decorative curtain rod. At The Curtain Rod Shop we have an extensive selection of curtain rods, modern and traditional, available in many different finishes, which allows you to add your personal touch.
  • Curtain Rod Hardware – With so many options available for curtain rod hardware today, you can truly let your imagination run wild. Adding a personal touch with perfect finishing touches of Finials, holdbacks, sconces, and much more will only enhance your window treatments.

The Trusted Online Resource

As an online store solely dedicated to the finest window decorations and hardware around, The Curtain Rod Shop is a leading industry provider. For over 10 years, we have been providing customers with the guidance that they need and the products they are looking for, creating an excellent experience for beautifying your humble abode.

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10′ long Wooden Rod 3″ thick

I’m looking for 3 inch thick & 10 feet wide wood curtain rod

You could look up Curtain Rods by Diameter or you could explore any one of the following options, these are all 3″ dia hardware and you may find appropriate length once in a particular section.

Creative Designs 3″ Rod Diameter

3″ Decorative Traverse Rods

The Finial Company 3-Inch Carved Wood Collection

The Finial Company 3″ Rod Diameter

Iron Art & Outdoor Hardware

LJB Wood Collection


6′ LJB wood fluted rod

I was going through your LJB Wood Collection and am interested in 6′ LJB wood fluted pole(rod),  can you cut the rod in equal portions of approx 12″ each? and will I have to pay a cutting fee?

Absolutely, you can specify this in the comment box when checking out, and no you will not be charged for cutting the rods down in pieces.

Finials sold as each or sold as a pair?

I was going through Finials in your Iron Art Collection, it does not say whether it is sold as a pair or one. Can you tell me if your brackets and finials are sold by the pair (2) or each (1)?  As well as the curtain rings, are they sold by a pack, if so, how many are in a pack, OR are they sold by each (1) ring? This is the Finial i’m interested in.


Iron Art Finial SKU:413I

On the product page there is the “Sold By” attribute which’ll tell you about that, it varies from product to product. This particular product is sold by Each as can be seen above the Availability attribute.

LJB iron Fairmont finials

What size curtain rod will the LJB iron Fairmont finial accomodate? Are these finials adjustable with screws to tighten onto/over end of rod (not the screw-in type)?

LJB iron Fairmont finials come in three different sizes, they have a collar that slips over the end of the rod and can be tightened with a set screw.

Metal Bellavista Rods

I am looking for the type of metallic window rod that does’nt go across the full length of the window, instead you install one on each side of the window, i.e. Bellavista Rods

Our Apollo Modern Contemporary Curtain Rods Collection starts at 4 feet but we can cut them down to any size you want. Rods in our Iron Art & Outdoor Hardware Collection are sold by foot as well, everything is customizable except Robert Allen and Kirsch.

Magnetic Brackets in ‘Double Rod Sets’

When purchasing the double rod set are all hardware provided to attach to the wall? What does the description mean “magnetic brackets”? what would the brackets be magnetized to?

Yes all of the brackets are included in the set. The brackets are magnetized to hold the double rods in place.

Simple Wooden Curtain rod for 126″ window

I’m looking for a basic, simple wooden curtain rod for my 126″ window.  do you carry anything that would work for me?

You could try LJB Wood Collection or Cassidy West Plantation Turned Wood. You will have to purchase the 12 footer and then we can cut it down for you.  You will need three brackets.  You can save on shipping by having us cut the 126″ length in half.  You will need a splice to join them back together again and the required center bracket will conceal and support the seam.

9′ long single string Traverse Rod

I have two curtains to hang over a large sliding glass door. I want the curtains to open in opposite directions i.e. left and right. Can I get a 9′ long traverse rod with one draw string that allows the curtains to function in this manner?

Yes we do have string drawn traverse rods, Creative Designs 2″ Traverse Rods they are available in wood or you could get the non decorative type.

1 1/2″ diameter, 118″ long curtain rod

I need 118″ long curtain rods with diameter 1 1/2″ and ceiling support for my floor to ceiling windows. DO you have anything available?

Yes we do have several, you could try looking up Curtain Rods by diameter or by length. We also have Ceiling Brackets. You can also explore the following options(they all come in 1 1/2″)

200″ long curtain rod

I am looking for a rod that is at least 200″ long. Do you have those?

We do have some rods in our Iron Art collection that can go that long but the shipping charges will be very high so we usually recommend sending them in sections along with a splice. The required support brackets will conceal and support the seam.

12′ long Apollo 1 1/8″ Steel Tubing

I’m looking at your Apollo 1 1/8″ Steel Tubing 12′ length curtain rod (SKU : 29800212). Do you have one of these but in 13′?

SKU : 29800212

Unfortunately we do not have those in 13′, you would have to purchase two 8′ rods and have us cut them down, they could then be connected with a splice. The two 8′ pieces would be cut to 6.5′ the required center support bracket will conceal and support the seam.

Extension for SKU:29800212

My window is 144 inches, but I want an extra 6 inches on both sides. I’m looking for a rod extension. If I purchase SKU:29800212 do you have an extension? Do you also have brushed stainless?


Unfortunately we do not have a rod extension.  The only thing I can suggest is that your purchase two 8 foot rods and we cut them down for you.They can be rejoined with an interior fitting splice and the required support bracket will conceal and support the seam.

Yes we do have brushed stainless, you will find it in our Finish listing.

Suggestions regarding shipment of a 17′ Curtain Rod

I need a curtain rod approximately 17′ in length. I already have the wood blinds and I intend to use the rod for decorative panels. What do you suggest I do?

Curtain rods in our Iron Art collection are sold by the foot and can be produced in that length but the shipping charges for a rod that lond are extremely high. I’d recommend that you let us ship the rod in sections, you can put the rod back together with a splicing tool which is an interior fitting piece, the required support bracket will conceal and support that portion of the rod.

Minimum clearance between Rings and Rod

I need 2 1/2″ inside diameter curtain rings with a clip.  They all seem to come in 2 1/4″ diameters.  Does a 1/4″ make much difference?  My rod diameter is 1 3/4″ and the man who is installing the rod told me I need 2 1/2″ rings.  I also need them with clips. The rod is metal and its of a bronzy color called “Earth”.

2 1/4″ inside diameter is perfectly fine because industry standard is that the ring should be 1/2″ larger inside than the rod or pole. You could check our Renaissance Collection it that has some bronze finishes, you can view the finishes at the top of the page, the link is yellow and the inside diameter is 2″. You could also try lookin in our Villiers Collection look at the 2″ ring on the second page. If you think you can use metal rings then you could try the Iron Art Collection or SKU: 355 in particular.


Rod size appropriate for SKU:TUSF

I am looking at the finials SKU:TUSF. Can you tell me what size poles go with these?


Ans: that is for a 2 1/4″ pole.  The actual hole at the end of the rod is very small(about 3/8″), so that it can accept the screw that comes out of the bottom of the finial. There is not tapering on the rod.

Number of Brackets required to prevent a Rod (that covers a 148″ window) from bowing

I have a window that is 148″, and I need to go outside of the window to flank it. How many center supports are there to prevent bowing? I would prefer metal, and my panels are not very heavy, but they are lined.

You will need a 1 1/2″ diameter rod (just scroll down untill yo you reach 1 1/2″ diameter) or larger to prevent bowing. With this diameter you will only need three brackets.

Splicing rods

If I order 1 3/8″ diameter 10′ rods, would they be spliced and shipped?

Yes they would,in order to avoid extra shipping overhead.