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Decorative Curtain Finials

A major consideration while designing a room is deciding on curtains, curtain rods and curtain rod finials. Options to pick from include their color, style, cost, type and many more features. Curtain rod finials are not just functional, but also provide a sense of style, as they give a finishing look to your windows. They have become very common in the recent years. With over 150 finials to choose from you are sure to discover the perfect finial to suit your décor and taste whether it be contemporary, traditional, elegant, sophisticated or refined.
Harper Finial Sofia Finial Mediterranean Finial

Decorative Trimmings

It’s all in the details...
Decorative trimmings add a finishing touch which leads to one-of-a-kind designs. Think about embellishing lamp shades, pillows, bedding, draperies, table skirts and upholstered furniture which will transform an ordinary room into a luxurious haven.
Search our complete line of trimmings including a variety of fringe, bullion, cords, tassels, tapes & tiebacks.
Endless decor ideas; consider dressing up a grommet treatment with a double row of crochet tape, or apply a stack of tapes and tassel fringe which creates a simple horizontal border that spruces up a plain window treatment.
Bauble Twig Decorative Trimming Tape Capri Pleated Decorative Trimming Bead Desert Decorative Trimming

Drapery Batons & Curtain Wands

This helpful curtain accessory is also often referred to as a curtain pull or drapery pull. These rods assist in pulling drapery panels across the curtain rod and prevent soiling of fabric by use of hands. Things to consider when purchasing your wands is rod length, finish, and materials like metal, wood, acrylic, iron, and stainless steel. The majority of our batons have a clip attached to the end which can be attached directly to the eyelet of a curtain ring. If you have draperies with grommets you might want to consider one of our wands having a curtain ring attached. These wands can slide directly onto the curtain rod behind the leading edge of your drapery.
Iron Wand Extra Small Ring Clear Acrylic Curtain Wand Iron Curtain Wand Drapery Wand

Window Sconces Curtain & Drapery Sconces

Window sconces may also be referred to as scarf holders or swag holders. Sconces can create drama & impact where a more traditional bracket is used to hang your decorative curtain rods. These decorative beauties don’t always need a pole and therefore can be used by simply pulling fabric through the opening. This helps create a draping or swag effect.
Acanthus Leaf Bracket Scarfholder Sconce Traditional Sconce

Curtain Rosettes, Tie-Backs and Hold-Backs

Rosettes, Tiebacks and Holdbacks in their traditional use are accompanied by a rope or tassel tieback which allows you to draw the draperies away from the glass portion of your window.
Their innovative & more dramatic use comes as a curtain rod by hanging your drapes from post to post located directly behind the rosettes, tiebacks or holdbacks. This is done so by creating tabs or straps that you can slip over the post. There is also the U-Bend tieback which functions differently and allows you to fully gather your drapes and place them within the bend.
Avignon Holdback Daisy Tieback Chianti Curtain Holdback

Hinged Elbows, Swivel Connectors, Tube Connectors

Hinged Elbows are referred to by many different names like Swivel Connector, Swivel Socket, Swivel Elbow, Tube Connector and Moveable Elbow. These jewels are perfect for bay window configurations as well as corner windows. Most hinged elbows are adjustable up to 90 degrees which allows you to create the angle necessary for your window. These elbows need to be supported to the right and left by curtain rod brackets in order to prevent it and the curtain rod from collapsing. Our more unique elbows in the Iron Art Collection do not require support brackets because the bracket is built right in.
Swivel Elbow Tube Connector Corner Elbow 135 Degree Elbow Splice for 7/8" Round Rod

Curtain Rod Brackets

There is more to Window Treatments than just curtains.
Appropriate accessories and hardware compliments the curtains and more so the overall decor setting of your living spaces.
Choosing between, single, double, or ceiling mounted curtain rod brackets should be decided based on what kind of window treatment you are envisioning to suit a specific area.
The Curtain Rod Shop offers a wide variety of curtain brackets and drapery hardware so you can find exactly what you are looking for.
2 1/4" SIMON DOUBLE BRACKET 2" Leaf Bracket 2 1/2" Standard Projection Bracket

Curtain Rods - Our Defining Offer!

The Curtain Rod Shop is all about quality, decorative and affordable curtain rods.
Featuring an extensive and exhaustive variety of Drapery Rods in multitude of finishes and of various types. From Double Curtain Rods, Traverse Curtain Rods, Adjustable Curtain Rods, Bamboo Curtain Rods, Rope Twist Rods, Decorative Antique Rods, Fluted Poles, to Bay Window Drapery Rods to what not...
In addition to the above we have Rods by Material ranging from: Wooden Drapery Rods to Wrought Iron, Metallic, Forged Steel, Brass, Resin, Mahogany …
If looking to shop for particular Diameter Rods or for Rods by Length that option as well exists.
Roma Finial Adjustable Rod Set Chianti Finial Adjustable Rod Set Venetzia Finial Adjustable Rod Set
Decofuse Drapery Hardware: A novelty in decorative curtain hardware. A variety of geometric Finials - Classic wooden designs - Walnut, Cherry, Antique Gold, Silver, Matte Oil Black collections...

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The drapery hardware and curtain rod collections in our store consist of stainless steel curtain rod tubing, wooden drapery hardware, brass metal curtain rod brackets, wrought iron curtain rods sold by the foot, aluminum curtain rods, curtain rods in finishes such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Antique Gold, White and Mahogany just to name a few. Check out our best selling curtain rods and accessories! Our drapery hardware is as easy to install as it is beautiful. Let us help you give your windows the special treatment they deserve.

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